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Our Tiger's Eye Birthstone Pendant for Leo: Crafted especially for Leos, this pendant captures the essence of the lion's strength and courage. The captivating Tiger's Eye gemstone, with its golden-brown hues and mesmerizing shimmer, reflects the bold and confident nature of the Leo personality. Suspended on a stylish chain, this pendant is a symbol of your unwavering resolve and fearless spirit. Wear it proudly as you embrace your innate leadership qualities and conquer life's adventures with grace and flair.

Ethically sourced from South Africa. 


30cm-35cm height

Details and care
  • The color can range from pale pink to deeper shades of pink.
  • Rose quartz can be cleansed by rinsing it under running water or soaking it in a bowl of water mixed with sea salt. You can also cleanse it by placing it in moonlight or sunlight for a few hours.