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 Amethyst cathedral pearl finish is a type of geode that is often used as a decorative piece in homes and offices. It is a geode that has been cut and polished to reveal its inner crystal formations, which often include large, sparkly amethyst crystals. The history of amethyst as a decorative stone dates back to ancient times, with the ancient Greeks and Romans using it in jewelry and as a symbol of power and wealth. This particular amethyst cathedral pearl finish weighs 9.0kg, making it a substantial and eye-catching piece that can be used as a decorative element in a variety of settings. Amethyst cathedral pearl finish specifically, it is a modern invention that combines the natural beauty of amethyst geodes with a sleek pearl finish, giving it a sophisticated and elegant look. It can be used in a variety of decorative ways, such as a centerpiece, bookends, nightstand decor, meditation space, bathroom decor, office decor, and even as an outdoor garden decor element. 

Ethically sourced from Brazil. 


19 x 35 cm

Details and care
  • The pieces are unique hence can have slight difference from the display pictures.
  • Safe to wash with slighty warm water.