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Tiger's Eye wand is a type of crystal wand made from the mineral known as tiger's eye. Tiger's Eye is a type of quartz that has a unique golden-brown color with shimmering bands of light that resemble the eye of a tiger. Tiger's Eye wand can also be used as a decorative item, the wand can be displayed on a shelf or stand, or used as a centerpiece on a table. Our tigers eye  stone is a special piece cut and polished beautifully with a matte finish. A stone that symbolizes courage and strength. A perfect stone to add in your crystal collection. 


Ethically sourced from South Africa. 


6cm 8cm

Details and care
  • This is a unique product hence can have slight difference than the one displayed in the picture.
  • This is a natural stone, they can have irregural ages, and unshared parts as well.