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Tiger's eye is a type of gemstone that is typically golden-brown in color with a silky or chatoyant (cat's eye) luster. It is a member of the quartz family and is formed through a process of pseudomorphosis, where crocidolite (a type of asbestos) is replaced by quartz over time. Our tigers eye  musbah is a special piece cut and polished beautifully with a matte finish. The prayer beed  can be held in the hands or worn as a necklace, allowing for easy access during daily spiritual practices.A stone that symbolizes courage and strength. A perfect  to add in your crystal collection. 

Ethically sourced from South Africa and assemble in UAE. 


Made of 33 beads

Details and care
  • The pieces are unique hence can have slight difference from the display pictures.
  • Safe to wash with slighty warm water.
  • Handle with care to avoid falling the product in hard surface as it might break.