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Wear the universe on your wrist. The most chic bracelet that includes a variety of minerals.
The solar system includes the following minerals:

1. Red Jasper 'The Sun' - symbolizes focus and determination

2. Aragonite 'Mercury' - symbolizes  self confidence and feelings of self worth

3. Gold Tiger's Eye 'Venus' - symbolizes prosperity and good luck

4. Opalite 'The Moon' - symbolizes  relief and harmony 

5. Labradorite 'Earth' - symbolises transformation 

6. Red Tiger's Eye 'Mars' - symbolizes willpower and confidence

7. Picture Jasper 'Jupiter' - symbolizes connection to earth.

8. Striped Agate 'Saturn' - symbolises  stability and calmness

9. Green Tiger's Eye 'Uranus' - symbolises positivity

10. Blue Tiger's Eye 'Neptune' - symbolises tranquility

11. Blue Goldstone 'The Galaxy' - symbolises royalty.

Ethically sourced and combined.


5cm-7.5cm, Adjustable

Details and care
  • The bracelet is adjustable.
  • If exposed to heat, the bracelet can fed to lighter color.
  • The bracelet is safe to clean with mild warm water once a week.