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Our lava beaded bracelet features porous beads made from volcanic rock, specifically solidified lava known as basalt. These beads are often black or dark gray and have a unique texture due to their porous nature. A stone that symbolizes calmness. The formation of lava stone beads begins with molten lava erupting from a volcano. As the lava cools and solidifies, it forms basalt, a type of volcanic rock. The rock is then broken down into smaller pieces and shaped into beads. The porous texture of lava stone comes from the rapid cooling process, which traps air and gases within the rock as it hardens. This unique texture makes lava stone beads an interesting and popular choice for beaded bracelets.

Ethically sourced from Mexico. 


5cm-6.5cm, Adjustable.

Details and care
  • The bracelet is adjustable.
  • The bracelet is safe to clean with mild warm water once a week.