Founded in 2019 by certified crystal specialist, Hamda Al-Suwaidi, deriving from her passion for spiritism & design.

At CRYSTALS, we are passionate about the rich cultural and historical significance of crystals and gemstones. We believe that these special minerals hold a unique energy that has been appreciated and utilized by civilizations throughout history.

Our collection of crystals is sourced from various locations around the world and each one has its own story to tell. We take great care to ensure that we source our crystals in a way that is respectful of the environment and the local communities. We believe that it is important to honor the cultural and historical values of these special minerals, and we strive to do so in all aspects of our business.

Unlike other atomic structures, crystals have an atomic structure arranged in a symmetrical pattern called crystalline. This unique structure is believed to absorb, focus, conserve, and emit energy, making crystals and gemstones highly valued throughout history for their beauty, symbolism, and mystical properties.

Our collection of crystals includes a wide range of specimens, each with their own unique properties and energies. We offer raw stones, tumbled stones, crystal clusters, jewelry, and more. Each crystal has its own history, cultural significance, and energy that we aim to honor and respect.

At CRYSTALS, we believe that the beauty and energy of crystals and gemstones are meant to be shared with the world. We strive to provide high-quality products that are authentic, culturally significant, and ethically sourced. Our goal is to inspire a greater appreciation for these special minerals and their rich history, while also fostering a deeper understanding of their unique properties and energies.

Whether you are a collector, a spiritual seeker, or simply appreciate the natural beauty of crystals, we have a special mineral for everyone. Explore our collection and discover the beauty and wonder of these ancient and magical gems.