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Our special rose quartz body gua sha is formed by shaping and polishing the rose quartz crystal into a handheld tool with smooth edges. The soft pink color of rose quartz is caused by traces of titanium, iron, or manganese within the crystal structure. Rose quartz body gua sha is a luxurious and rejuvenating self-care tool designed to promote overall well-being and enhance the beauty of your skin. Crafted from natural rose quartz crystal, this handheld massage tool is used to gently stroke and massage the body, stimulating circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. Regular use of the rose quartz body gua sha can improve the appearance and texture of the skin by increasing blood flow and promoting collagen production. It can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone and firm the skin, and encourage a radiant and youthful complexion.

Ethically sourced from Madagascar.


30cm-35cm height

Details and care
  • Our large rose quartz wand or tower can vary in size, but it is generally larger than handheld wands. It may have a pointed or faceted shape, resembling a tower or obelisk.
  • The color can range from pale pink to deeper shades of pink.
  • Rose quartz can be cleansed by rinsing it under running water or soaking it in a bowl of water mixed with sea salt. You can also cleanse it by placing it in moonlight or sunlight for a few hours.
  • Handle your rose quartz wand or tower with care, as it can be fragile and prone to chipping or breaking. Avoid dropping it or subjecting it to strong impacts.