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Rose quartz eye gua sha is a facial massage tool made from rose quartz, a pink-colored crystal known for its soothing and nurturing properties. This tool is specifically designed for the delicate eye area during gua sha massage. Rose quartz is a type of quartz crystal known for its pink color, which ranges from pale pink to deeper shades. It forms when magma cools and undergoes a slow crystallization process deep within the Earth's crust. Rose quartz eye gua sha is primarily used as a facial massage tool. Its curved shape and smooth surface allow for gentle and precise movements around the eye area. It helps to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, and relieve tension in the facial muscles. 


Ethically sourced from Madagascar.


Approximately 50mm

Details and care
  • The pieces are unique hence can have slight difference from the display pictures.
  • Safe to wash with slighty warm water.
  • Handle with care to avoid falling the product in hard surface as it might break.