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Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that has been popular throughout history. Peridot bracelets are a popular piece of jewelry that features this stunning gemstone. Peridot is formed deep within the Earth's mantle and is brought to the surface through volcanic activity. The ancient Egyptians were known to have mined peridot on the Red Sea island of Zabargad, where it was highly valued and used in jewelry and adornments. Peridot bracelet, a special piece to add to your collection as it symbolises growth and prosperity. The bracelets are handmade with love to fit any wrist as they are elastic.  


Ethically sourced from Pakistan.


5cm-7.5cm, Adjustable

Details and care
  • The bracelet is adjustable.
  • If exposed to heat, the bracelet can fed to lighter color.
  • The bracelet is safe to clean with mild warm water once a week.