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Himalayan salt is made from rock crystals of salt that have been mined from areas close to Himalayas. Himalayan salt was formed around 200 million years ago when the sea beds dried up by sun energy and remained covered under lava residue leaving the salt residue at a place called Khwera in Pakistan.
Himalayan salt lamp is a special lamp that lightens your room dimly. The lamp is special and beautifully carved to give a good display of your space enhancing better decor piece in your environment.
The Himalayan salt lamp comes with a lamp and electric wire. 

Ethically sourced from Pakistan. 


10cm-12cm by 6.5cm-7.5cm base

Details and care
  • The light can be left on approximately to 16hrs hours a day.
  • The Himalayan salt lamp can melt when exposed to hot temperatures hence good to be placed under cold temperatures.

  • The himalayan salt lamp comes in with bulb and electric wire to connect the lamp.