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Our unique pendant beautifully handmade combining seven minerals

• Amethyst - Symbolises peace and calmness.

•Lapis lazuli - Symbolises intelligence and knowledge.

•Clear Quartz - Symbolises  Clarity and     growth.

•Green aventurine - Symbolises luck and inner peace.

•Carnelian - Symbolises royalty and luck.

•Garnet - Symbolises trust and commitment.

•Blue lace agate - Symbolises communication.


Ethically sourced and combined in China.


30cm-35cm height

Details and care
  • The color can range from pale pink to deeper shades of pink.
  • Rose quartz can be cleansed by rinsing it under running water or soaking it in a bowl of water mixed with sea salt. You can also cleanse it by placing it in moonlight or sunlight for a few hours.