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An amethyst hedgehog is a small figurine made of amethyst crystals that is carved and polished into the shape of a hedgehog. The amethyst crystals are typically a pale lilac to deep purple color and may have clear or white quartz crystal accents. The hedgehog shape is often chosen for its symbolism of protection, defense, and intuition. Amethyst hedgehogs are popular as decorative items and may be used as a unique and meaningful addition to home or office décor.This special mineral symbolises calmness, unity peace. A perfect size to fit in your small decor collection beside your living room shelf, working space and even next to your bed table. 

Ethically sourced from Brazil.



Details and care
  • The pieces are unique hence can have slight difference from the display pictures.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight may change the color since some crystals tend to change color when exposed directly to sunlight.


Approximately 1.3kg