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Amethyst cathedrals are formed through a natural geological process that takes place over millions of years. The crystals are formed within cavities in volcanic rocks or in hydrothermal veins, where they slowly grow and develop over time. Once the amethyst clusters have been extracted from the earth, they are cleaned and polished to bring out the natural beauty of the crystals. The pearlescent finish is then applied to the surface of the crystals to give them a unique and iridescent appearance. Our unique cathedral amethyst with Pearl finish adds a modern and beautiful collection to your space. A stone that presents Calmness and peace. Amethyst cathedral Pearl finish is a perfect gift of nature to improve your working space. 

Ethically sourced from Brazil.


15cm by 10cm

Details and care
  • Approximately 2.4kg.
  • Safe to clean with slightly warm water.